What is FungoMetrics?

FungoMetrics is a "one stop shop" for all your coaching needs! FungoMetrics gives coaches the ability to efficiently gather and instantly analyze data, providing an accurate representation of player and team performance. We have spent countless hours gathering data with pencil and paper, but not knowing how to give it meaning. Fungometrics eliminates the wasted time and paper, allowing coaches to focus on what is most important. With FungoMetrics, players and coaches are given the opportunity to efficiently gather, analyze, and evaluate player performance outside of the box score.

Data Driven

Give meaning to every pitch and swing

Variety of Scoring modes
- Bullpen Sessions
- Batting Practice
- Cage Mode

Precise Scoring and Calculations

Organized and In-depth Stats



Objectively measure player performance

In-depth Player/Team Statistics

Live stats during sessions

Instant access for players and coaches


Track Team/Player growth

Create plans for team/player needs

Built in text for coach to player feedback

Compete, Compete, Compete

Create Your Own Data Analytics Team Now


The goal of FungoMetrics is to give players and coaches easy access to data collection and analysis that may not be available with a program's current resources. Hear what they have to say!

Using FungoMetrics at practice gave me access to information I never thought I could get. Our manager was able to put the data in and I could access the analysis immediately. It is like having a data team at practice every day!

- Jay Lasley Head Coach - NOHS

With FungoMetrics bullpen mode I was able to easily track player progress. Players enter the data for each other so I could keep my eyes focused on the pitcher. I have never seen a better way to combine what my eyes see with the actual data. Great Product!

- Todd Bentle Pitching Coach - CCHS

As I got more comfortable using Fungometrics, I was able to communicate with players a little better. They loved the immediate access their stats and could see the truth in their results. It really made kids compete during BP and the cage because they knew they were going to see the data. FungoMetrics has helped improve the quality of our player's focus and intensity during practices.

- Anonymous Head Coach - MN